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March 2, 2013
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“Someone threw this little guy in the dump…” Rebecca began to explain as she sewed the new arrival’s fabric back to its healthy standard, “Someone was really rough with him.  It’s almost as if he was attacked…”

Deidara watched her work while keeping an eye on the plush itself.  He didn’t trust this ninja, especially after the encounters he’d had with him in the past.  Especially when he’d lost his arms to that jutsu of his.

“Well, is he alive?” He inquired, approaching a few steps, “He doesn’t look too good, hmm.”

“He’s breathing but it’s shallow,” She answered briefly, continuing her work.

“Well, obviously he wasn’t skilled enough to take on his attacker, who was what?  An angry child, hmm?”

Before Rebecca could correct him for being so rude, Deidara leapt off the kitchen table and headed away.  He planned to make more birds, just in case this new plush woke up ready to battle.  Deidara wasn’t about to let himself be caught off guard.  If he had to, he’d cause a… “controlled” amount of destruction, hopefully not too much of an expense for his host, but enough to end any battle he might just find himself in.  He had to be ready, just in case.

As he walked through the hardwood floored hallway where the stairs spiraled over, he could hear the winds knocking at the windows above.  He thought of these winds as the dust of fine art, and slowly closed his eyes to relax himself.  Everything would be fine.  As long as he could fight everything would turn out perfectly- “ACK!” Deidara opened his eyes with a start at the impact only to see Tobi, who had just run right into him, if it weren’t obvious enough.

“Not right now, Tobi!  Hmm!  Watch where you’re going!”

“Sempai, Rebecca brought another ninja!”

“I know that you idiot!” Deidara thought about punching him for a moment or using his art, but he decided to save his energy for something more worthy than this buffoon.

“Sempai, if you were clever you’d take him out now… but then again you aren’t the smartest tool in the shed!  Haha!”

“Tobi... you… you idiot…,” The insult was infuriating.  This time he couldn’t control himself.  With all his strength, he drove his fist into the other plush, sending him across the hall until he hit the first railing of the staircase.  Slowly, after a short moment, Tobi slid down and off, like pizza mashed against a wall.

“Idiot, hmm.” Deidara continued on his way, now having released his anger, and headed upstairs.  He had no trouble ignoring Tobi who now flailed on the wooden floor.  The fool had a point, though.  It would be easier to take Kakashi on now, but less of a challenge.  Deidara liked challenges.  He didn’t like passing them up.  But it wouldn’t make a very good impression on their host.  He sighed.  No, he wouldn’t attack now.  He’d wait for a better chance and a real fight.

Either way, Deidara was sure he'd be able to take Kakashi on.  He had none of his allies around for support, and being injured, he'd take some time to heal.  If the Leaf Village ninja did decide to pick a fight, it wouldn't be in his favor.  Deidara at least had Tobi... or the Tobis seeing as two plushies of the idiot existed, but he wouldn't need them- not as long as he had his art.  Nothing could get in the way of a bird handmade by Deidara.  Kakashi was no exception.

"Sempai!" Tobi started yelling from below, causing Deidara's anger to rise once more.

"Shut up, Tobi!  Hmm!"

"But Sempai!  There's a-"

"Be quiet!"

"Sempai!  Look out!"

A quick movement suddenly caught Deidara's eye, and he spun around looking for the source.  Nothing… but he knew better then to think that.  Acting as if he truly didn’t care or notice, Deidara continued up the steps to be greeted by Trooper and Penny.  He squeezed through the baby gate keeping the animals from running down to the kitchen and slipped by their sniffling noises.  When they started whining at something behind him, he knew he’d been right, but he continued to play off that he was completely unaware and continued into the large bedroom.  He plucked up the remote, which had been flung onto the floor the day before and then without any notice, turned swiftly.

The remote could have hit Gaara’s face, but the sand Ninja dodged, and on a stream of sand rose up to the ceiling fan.  Deidara watched him threateningly and prepared to battle it out.  Gaara just stood there though, staring emotionlessly.

“What are you doing here?!  Hmm!”

The intruding plushie continued to stare blankly and with cold seriousness.  Deidara was sure he’d loose an attack at any second.  It came as a large surprise when he didn’t.  Instead the intruder leapt backwards and out the open window, the same window Tobi used to squirrel fish from… Deidara turned with that in mind, and decided to scold the idiot for another mistake.  “TOBIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!”
Well, looks like yet another Ninja... or two have joined the Plushie family, sorta. Kakashi and Gaara have now joined the show. And just as I said before, I will never come in for long. I'm just there to keep the plot moving. Ignore the frightening self-insert of doom.

Deidara, Tobi, Kakashi, and Gaara are from Naruto.
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ColorCoatedArt Mar 3, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Haha the punch was great! :XD: Oh boy I can't wait for more crazy antics!=D
Acclivius Mar 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! ^w^ Any characters you feel like I should bring in at some point?
ColorCoatedArt Mar 4, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Hmmm... I can't think of any off of my head, it's been some time since I've seen that show. I'll tell ya if I think of anything. =)
Acclivius Mar 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I just rewrote the first chapter! ^w^ Finally had the time to edit it...
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